An Expert in Residential & Commercial Property in Chicago

Whether you're buying or selling property, RealtyTech Associates Inc can help you make the best possible deal. Based in Chicago, Illinois, I specialize in commercial and residential property.

Understanding Your Needs

My firm offers a very personal, very professional service to every customer. I'll sit down with you — for hours if necessary — for an in-depth consultation. I never try to lead you toward a specific decision about a property. By taking the time to identify your real priorities, I am able to tailor my services to your particular needs and help you achieve what you truly want.

Any Area
Some real estate companies specialize in specific territories. I offer my services wherever they're needed. Your perfect property could be anywhere in Chicago's north, south, east, or west suburbs.

Office Building

A Second Set of Eyes
Make sure you know what you're getting. I provide a second set of eyes for when you're looking at potential properties. As a property expert, I recognize quality work and can spot where corners have been cut. This helps you make an informed decision about your real estate purchase.

Specializing in Seniors
Senior citizens have a unique set of real estate needs. I am a Senior Real Estate Specialist, with access to resources, information, and literature designed specifically for you.

Commercial Developers
Create a great neighborhood where home buyers will want to live. I work with commercial developers to market and sell their properties. Together with my associates, I organized all the promotional materials for a respected developer. We worked from the ground up, helped develop the model home, and marketed the development to home buyers. This development sold out within three years, and many of those buyers are still living in the development.

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